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Cat And Toddler Playing But What Happened After Few Minutes Will Shock You

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We are have been seeing cats and kids playing but is is exceptionally aggressive !!

This is aggressive of the kid and what he got in revenge was OMG! anyway we have known cats to be such a gentle and lively companion but the kid made him to bite.

below are funny comment we got in relation to the fight 🙂

“Kid deserved it”
“Dont mess with dat cat”
“this made my day!”
“Love that cat. Hate that faggot of a child.”
“eradication required”
“that kid is a bitch”

But one wise comment came out saying  “Are you freaking serious saying something like “this kid deserves it”? No, the child doesn’t, he doesn’t even understand that treating an animal in such a way is cruel. It was his mother who told him to slap the cat, as she said “стукни его!” in Russian just before the kid did it.  I’m so annoyed by parents who just watch their children hitting and slapping animals. This is not funny, you jerks! Teach your kids how to treat pets in a caring way.” and “стукни его!” means hit him.

What do you think?


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