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The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Hacks

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Cybercriminal activity is an increasingly common occurrence in today’s technological world. Due to the tools out there, it isn’t that difficult for some people to attack unprotected devices and accounts. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that celebrities have gotten hacked frequently over the past few years.

Many different celebrities have had their social media and cloud storage accounts hacked. A hacker posting on your Twitter or sharing your photos across the net could easily embarrass you. By following general internet security protocols, some of these incidents could have been prevented. Here are some of the most impactful examples in recent memory.

The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Hack?

Perhaps the most embarrassing celebrity hack of all time is what has been dubbed “The Fappening.” This incident led to over 100 people having their iCloud accounts compromised. iCloud is an online storage service used on devices like the iPhone.

It turns out that many celebs have iPhones, on which iCloud automatically backs up your photos from your phone. This means that any photo (embarrassing or not) was uploaded to the iCloud.

Evidence suggests that the hacker accessed these accounts by guessing weak passwords and sending phishing emails to trick users into sending him their login details.

Many of the users received emails from an account called “appleprivacysecurity,” leading them to believe that Apple was requesting information from them. Due to this phishing scam, the hacker was able to access the accounts of several celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Jill Scott and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

As a result, some of the celebs affected had nude photos leaked. Their photos were quickly spread around the internet. There’s no telling if or when any of the leaked photos will ever be removed.


Other “Photo Leaks”

Several other small incidents affecting only one or two celebs at time have also occurred. It’s rarely clear how the hacker obtained the photos or accessed the celeb’s account but my guess is that it was likely by means similar to those used by the hacker(s) responsible for “The Fappening.”

Prior to that event, a few celebs were hacked include Scarlett Johansson, Ashley Greene, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato. Countless celebrities have also had their Twitter accounts hacked, some of which had leaked photos shared directly on their Twitter page.

Some of the photos obtained by hackers have been taken straight from the celebrities’ cellphones. Since security software is often overlooked on mobile devices, celebrity hacks are likely to continue.

Some of the lucky celebs who haven’t had nude photos leaked have instead had their Twitter accounts hacked. The hacker may do this to spread rumors or malware or to drive fans to their own personal page. The list of celebrity victims is too long to list.

What We Can Learn from These Hacks

If celebrities can be hacked, so can you. Cyberattacks are increasingly common and don’t always come in the form of someone accessing your account. Luckily, there are simple ways to avoid becoming a victim.

Beware of potentially malicious links when you’re visiting your favorite celebrities’ social media pages. The hacker may type differently than the celebrity does. Sometimes hackers use “clickbait” containing a phrase that persuades you to click on the link. Just be careful when dealing with links.

You should also arm your connected devices with security software such as an online security suite and a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The former will scan for viruses and help remove them. The VPN service will protect your information by securing your internet connection.

Security software should be used on both your computer and your mobile devices. Check the app store on your devices to find the apps for the software you use on your computer.

You should also strengthen your passwords. To do this, make sure your passwords contain a combination of letters (both cases), numbers, and symbols whenever possible. Don’t use any personal information either, as that can easily be guessed.

For example, Paris Hilton had her account hacked because she used the password “Tinkerbell.” Tinkerbell is the name of her pet Chihuahua. Since this information is easy to look up, her password was simply guessed by the hacker.

Following these precautions will definitely save you the trouble of being hacked. Let’s hope celebs take notice and start implementing these tips as well!

Have you ever experienced an embarrassing hack? Have you seen any take place? What happened? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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