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Exclusive “Secrets Of Free Education” In Europe

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I am very sure success is achievable if and only if the right steps are taken at the “right time with the application of the right knowledge” why this debatable statement of mine? I noticed a lot of people in Europe, Africa, America, Australia, Canada and even Asia are struggling with information that will lead them to their desired future why? just because of lack of well structured step-by-step Information.

I was privileged to endorse a great resource which is a guidebook for tuition-free universities in Europe and it’s the most purchased educational book now in African and European countries as at today.

This book will challenge your widespread false perspective of studying abroad. because most people believe studying abroad is meant for only the rich but I tell you today It’s a false statement because it is mean’t for all just that most people lack concrete information about free universities across Europe.

If  you want to study abroad for free, then sorry to say, you have to make this book titled “THE SECRETS OF FREE EDUCATION” Your companion.

Stephen Chidiebere Ikebude , Author of this life changing book made a 3-year in depth research on three major country in Europe which are Finland, where he is based, Germany and Norway  with a guarantee of “Enabled life” during your study and thereafter. “I have written this book with the intention to assist the people that truly need the information” said Stephen.

In this book, which was officially launched in Lagos, Nigeria on 13th Dec, 2015 and it also received a Finnish welcome in Järvenpää, Southern Finland, on 7th of February, 2016 made me realized that Mr Stephen  had already done 90% of the research you will need to make and the 10% is your tithe and offering to you success in your educational career. He treated Where to start from, Where to keep calm and when to follow up and so on.

Honestly speaking Mr Stephen Chidiebere had done justice to all the necessary information by reducing the work load for you and google itself by giving out all the directly linked information to schools directories, requirements and application tips of schools in Finland, Germany and Norway without you seeking help of any educational agency. why? because he all emails direct phone number e.t.c are therein. in which he even made clear in a compact video HERE.

In Part I of the book he covered:
Identity And Proper Identification
English Language Proficiency Test
Acceptable Ways
Why Do You Need English Language Tests?
Test Structure
Recognised English Tests
Ielts Acceptable Score
Ielts Registration
Toefl Acceptable Score
Toefl Registration
Tips Of English Language Test
Eligibility Of Documents
Undergraduate Studies
Master’s Studies
Doctoral Studies
Concept Of Packaging
Avoid Falsification

Part II Treated all period of application in all levels
Applying For Admissions In Finland
Main Period (November-February)
Minor Period (September – October)
Step By Step
Undergraduate Admissions (Uas)
Postgraduate Admissions (Universities)
Doctoral/Phd Studies
Important Links
Study In Norway
Admission Procedures
Bachelor’s Degree Admissions
Master’s & Doctorate Degree Admissions
Important Links
Application Times
Where And What Can I Study?
Schools In Norway & Their Programmes
Applying For Admissions In Germany
Step By Step Information On How To Apply
Important Links

Part III
Life After Admission
Travel Documentation
Residence Permit/Visa
Living Expenditures And Accommodation
Health Insurance
More Tips
Employment And Student Life
Next Is Next

Going through all this subheading will take much longer time hence this review, If you are out there and still struggling with the way out to achieve the best for you or your family member I encourage you to get a copy of this book and even share to spread this great resource with them. this book is available on eBook and Printed format.

Secret Of Free Education In Europe Germany Norway and Finland

Stephen Chidiebere Ikebude
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