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How To Make It Long Term

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Most relationships don’t last long anymore. There are various reasons why this happens. E.g

1. Both partners continue to disagree

2. Too many differences

3. Long distance

4. Lack of proper locations to meet

5. Not enough conversation

6. Lack of intimacy.

Although, the six things mentioned above are valid reasons, they aren’t the only ones, but they are the few I’d like to address.

1. Disagreements in a relationship aren’t uncommon, but when they begin in the early stages and continue for a very long time…they begin to dampen the driving force of the relationship and create room for doubt and other negative feelings to come in. When this happens, one or both partners begin to show disinterest, then they begin to avoid each other while justifying their actions by claiming to be avoiding the arguments.

2. When two people that are polar opposites get into a relationship, there is an 80% chance that it’ll fail. Being different and being DIFFERENT aren’t the same thing. For one thing, when the differences are too many, there is nothing to build a relationship on.

3. Long distance relationships only work when you’re married or extremely committed, if you’re unwilling to make a serious commitment then a long distance relationship is not for you. You need to really think about what you’re doing and grasp the consequences of failing in the relationship before you get into it. And by long distance, I actually mean with someone you’ve met and gotten well acquainted with.

4. If you don’t decide on a good place to meet with your partner, or you keep putting it off because you can’t find your perfect place, you both will end up drifting apart. You need to find a central location at the beginning of the relationship,and as you get to know your partner better you need to begin to chose locations based on their likes and dislikes.

5. Communication is a key part of every relationship because that is the only way for two people to get to know each other and also, to tell your partner exactly why you want or need. Without good conversation, the relationship becomes boring and begins to die.

6. Lack of intimacy is a two way problem. Basically, it’s a problem when you’re being coerced into intimacy and it’s also a problem when you refuse to show your partner affection because you are self conscious. You can give them the impression that you’re embarrassed by them when you do this. Also, intimacy comes in different levels. When you’re talking about sexual intimacy, that’s something you shouldn’t be pressured into. It’s something that’s meant for marriage and so getting into it before that is not advisable. Small gestures of affection are usually appreciated the most.

Although, it’s based on the individual mindset, the possibilities of ensuring that your relationship lasts long are endless. You can try these, and see how it goes. Arrivederci!


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