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Incontrovertible Reasons Why You Miss Your Ex

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If your relationship has ended up with heartbreak, my heart goes to you if you are the one reading this article at the moment…. But all I want you all to know is there are some legit and  incontrovertible reasons I will disclose to you during the course of my random research.

“You may feel like a total loser for still missing your ex, but trust us, you are not alone. Even if it’s been years since the two of you snowballed from lover-ville to splitz-ville, there are completely legit reasons you could be missing that bastard.” says Minot Little, Owner of GuitarJusticeMagazine.

He might have been such an amazing partner you ever had .. has he always put things in other and treat you well both physically and mentally not leaving the sexual satisfaction away, he is always good. So is it normal to be missing your ex ? Yep!

Below are 7 Incontrovertible Reasons Why You Miss Your Ex

1.You haven’t found somebody new

Move over ex-boyfriend, it’s time to make room for the rebound! Or… maybe not? If you haven’t yet rebounded from your ex with a new, fun, and shiny boy to look at, then you may be stuck missing him for a while. If you’re not occupying your time with somebody new, or just playing around with a rebound, then you’ve found a pretty legit reason for missing your ex: boredom.

2.A little *good morning notes*

As humans, we love attention shown in ways big and small. One small gesture of affection that is definitely something that keeps you missing your ex is the way he would send you a little *good morning note* and an accompanying *goodnight note* every single day just letting you know that you are on his mind.

3.Inside jokes with your ex

That moment when you find yourself smiling at something you know he would find hilarious, but you can’t even tell him about it. Ouch.

Inside jokes are one of the basic things that separates you and your mate from anyone else *and obviously all that sex*. In the same way you can’t pass old hangout spots without missing your ex, random hilarity that reminds you of an inside joke with your ex is going to hurt like a mother. Never underestimate the crippling emotional power of an inside joke between you and your now ex.

4.He had a big dick

It may not have been pretty, but it sure was big.

Admit it, even if you never openly shared your man’s impressive size with anyone, you still felt that inner sense of pride for having found a lover with such a big… *surprise* for you.

Not many men are generously endowed down south, which makes finding one who is feel much like how Charlie must have felt when unwrapping his Golden Ticket to the Chocolate Factory. But, we digress. According to one study, the average penis size is roughly about 5.2 inches in length.

If your ex was particularly impressive in the pants *and also had the incredibly ability to use it* then… we hate to say it, but you may be missing your ex for a long, long time. Once you have your first big dick, it’s hard to look at the average boner with any sort of amazement. Unfortunately, that’s a pretty legit reason for missing your ex.

5.He thought about you

This is a great reason for missing your ex. There’s something to be said for being thought of throughout the day. This is undoubtedly one of the things that sucks the most after you break up with someone. Suddenly, there’s no one else in the world who seems to care about all the little things you do throughout the day – like how you slightly changed up your Starbucks order, or the weird couple arguing behind you in line at checkout.

6.His family rocked your socks off

In this case you may not be missing your ex, you might actually be missing his badass mom who openly talked about sex and always kept it real, or his hilarious dad who taught you to be a Ms. Fix-It in just the span of a few months. If your ex-boyfriend had an awesome family, it may feel more like you’re breaking up with them all than just the douchebag you were actually dating. Especially in cases where you’re not emotionally or physically close to your own family, breaking up with your ex can contain a whole new level of disappointment and heartache.

7.He was great in bed

What’s sex got to do with it? A lot, actually. If your boyfriend was a selfish ass in the sack, you’re going to have a much, much easier time getting over that jackass. That being said, if he was the king of clitoral stimulation and wouldn’t stop until you came… yikes. You’re in for a hard road ahead.

In the era of random hookups, a good lover who cares about both your emotional and physical needs between the sheets is pretty hard to find. If he knows what he’s doing with that clit, he’s a keeper. So obviously, if you end up losing that “keeper” you’re probably going to go through mourning period, even if only for the sex!

You are not so crazy for missing your ex. In fact, you’re totally normal.


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