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Making A Healthy Relationship 1: Understanding

A Lack of Understanding Does Not A Healthy Relationship Make

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So many times, we blame our ex or some other foreign factor for the end of our relationship. The truth is that, without understanding, a relationship isn’t just bound to fail, it has already failed.

Key Points About Understanding

1. Learning that although trust is a key factor of every relationship, understanding is basically more important than trust. Because without it, trust becomes valueless.

2. Understanding is invaluable

Once the two parties involved in a relationship have established a mutual understanding. Their relationship begins to flow like clear spring water.

3. Understanding stems from patience

Basically, patience and understanding go hand in hand. Hence, when you’re patient enough to get to know someone well, you begin to understand that person and his/her habits.

5. Understanding requires EFFORT


F-ree time


O-pen mindedness



You need to open your mind to the prospects that your partner has to offer, psychologists and even genealogists have shown that, no too humans are the same. Hence, when you chose to get involved with someone, you need to, open your mind to the possibility that this person is different.

Respect whomever it is you’re dating, regardless of their past, share knowledge about yourself even as you divulge new secrets and facts about them.

After you’ve discovered some things, don’t run away without trying to understand the situation behind each mistake your partner might have made in the past. Remember, “to err is human, to forgive divine.”

Human nature makes it so that we are bound to make mistakes, forgiveness is what puts us above others and shows that we have grown to a higher level of understanding.

If you feel that you are unable to forgive your partner’s past misdeeds, then wait for some time, sit them down and discuss it. Don’t just run away, show them that last bit of respect, it does surprisingly good things for your clarity of mind.


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