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Making A Healthy Relationship 2: Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

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A relationship is like a vehicle with two drivers, if both aren’t in sync, then it’s bound to crash. And if one makes a wrong turn, they both have to deal with it. But the thing is, each person in this vehicle notices the other person’s mistake and can help correct them before it gets too late. The signs of an unhealthy relationship can be thought of as avoidable mistakes too.

Signs That A Relationship Is Unhealthy

1 Jealousy Gets Out of Hand

It is not unusual for people in a relationship to get jealous when they see their partner with someone of the opposite sex, but it begins to get out of hand when they act out and resort to violence or slander to express their displeasure.

2 Low-key Stalking

When you’re dating someone it’s not unusual for you to want to know where they are or be aware of their schedule, but when following them around and sneaking about to spy on them becomes commonplace, then there is cause for concern.  READ> Making Healthy Relationship 1 

3 You Can’t Express Your Feelings

Relationships become tougher when one or both parties involved cannot express their feelings for one another, this causes a rift that quickly drives them apart to they quit.

4 You Don’t Miss Each Other When You’re Apart

This means one of two things, either someone in the relationship is negligent, or they both don’t care.
This becomes a cause for concern when one person starts resorting to cheating to fill the void that the other has left, leaving the other person hurt and sad. It could also mean that one partner is abusive and so the absence of that partner brings relief to the victimized one.

5 Cheating Is No Longer A Surprise

Yep! In some relationships when one partner is caught cheating it’s almost like its a routine habit, this isn’t healthy as the victim or offended partner might begin to stop caring about life or even resort to violent means.

There are so many more ways that a relationship can be unhealthy, so many different ways that we fail to see that has made that beautiful relationship of ours go sour, but don’t worry and keep trying, because every real relationship is worth saving.


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