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Risk Factors: Planning Your Relationship

Risk it all? Or risk none?

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Every relationship we enter is a risk, but that big step to start the relationship is just one of the many risks involved in the actual relationship, like anything that’s good, it doesn’t come easy, here are the risks we need to be aware of when we enter a relationship.

Every relationship is like a business deal, they are meant to be mutually beneficial to both parties involved. And like every normal business venture, there are risks that cannot be avoided.

The most basic risk we take in a relationship is starting it,  asking that question that seals your fate to your partner’s either for life or for a time period.

8 Major Risks Involved in Relationships

1. The risk of rejection

There’s always the possibility that your feelings are one sided, hence, the is the risk of rejection.

2.The fear of loss

You might not have feelings for someone that’s interested in you,  but because you do not want to jeopardize your current relationship with that person,  you sacrifice your feelings and lie, there’s a risk that when they discover,  your bond with them will be broken forever. So you better tell before you’re found out.

3. The risk of unhappiness

Being momentarily attracted attracted to someone doesn’t mean that we should jump into a relationship with that person, you need time to know if you can tolerate each others down sides.

4. Then risk of falling out of love

There are cases of people who have been involved with each other for years suddenly splitting up because they fell “out of love”. Truth is, they were never in love in the first place, it it was just a healthy case of good ol’ infatuation. When you love,  it lasts forever, that’s why families can weather just about any storm together.

5. The risk of a breakup

In most serious relationships,  when people bond, they begin to see a future together and can’t even fathom the notion their relationship ending,  the truth is, it will either end up somewhere, or end in something. I.e It will either end up in a serious commitment or it will will end In heartache. When we begin begin any relationship, we need to understand where it’s headed so we don’t set ourselves up for heartache.

6. The risk of disappointment

It is not unusual for you to discover that you’re disappointed in someone after dating them for a long time, it’s also not unusual for you to discover that the disappointment leads you to end the relationship. Think Intensely before giving into the disappointment, but if the reasons are valid and you can’t seem to forgive as long as you’re still in that relationship, then leave and free your heart.

7. The risk risk of becoming a disappointment

Nobody wants to be the reason for some else’s frowns and tears, when you get Into a relationship, be ready for the tears and the frowns, because there are ups and downs to every true relationship, it’s how you fight through them that really matters.

8. The risk of making a huge mistake

Sometimes, you find out when you’re about to say I do, sometimes you you find out when you’re eating dinner on the kitchen floor and sometimes, you don’t realise that you’ve made a mistake till its hurting someone else and you’re standing there helpless.

Relationships are for risk takers, there’s nothing easy about them, because nothing good comes easy. No matter what risks we take in your relationship,  always remember that love is the key to any serious relationship.


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