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ONLY IN RUSSIA, You Can Buy Instagram Likes, Follower With Vending Machine

Yes!! You can buy it and no need to wait for long before it starts showing up!

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If  you feel the company that promises you to take your brand to the net level don’t mean business then you are probably missing out! In Moscow was spotted a vending machine that you can apparently get all likes all follows you wan in a day.

The Russian journalist, Alexey Kovalev. tweeted the picture who he claimed was taken by his friends, this so called machine is real! and you will meet your daily goal if you are lover of likes and followers. the vending machine cost approximately $0.90 for every 100 likes, or $1.75 for 100 new followers… not a bad deal for you all thou.

Same company as been said to offer some VIP packages which will deliver 150,000 followers guaranteed to provide “up to 1,500 likes” on every single thing you post… for just $850.

But really if you want to buy likes and followers do you care how or where they come from? Hmmm they say Of course you don’t wanna know “how the sausage gets made.” >(

Source Engadget
Via Petalpixels

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