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How To Survive Finnish Winter – Finnish Weather 101

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Finland is 5th in rank in the most northernmost region in the world and the winter varies in months depending on the region you reside which makes it unpredictable. regardless of your location, in Finland it is said to be evenly cold, dark and snowy with some ingredient of wind added to it. 🙂

Here is the fact, The few years I have spent here in Finland made it much more clearer to me that no matter how snowy, windy or cold it is in Finland, the Finns will still get to school, work or other daily activities, Hence they are the best coach to how you and I can survive this winter.

I spoke with one of my Finnish friends last winter and she told me don’t ever play with coffee and sauna and I said Oh! will I survive with just that? and her reply was — You can survive the winter period with that and proper clothing’s.

With no much delay enjoy the video below provided to us by Finland government officials powered by Guerilla Pictures and read on and remember in winter it can be temperatures from -10 to even -25 C with severe wind, without too much smiling and unnecessary laughing without a real reason. 🙂

Above all below are 5 tips that will definitely help you and me in the initialized winter

1. Exercise

Finns are crazy about their sports and it seems even more so in the winter than the summer.  I have noticed many large sporting halls that feature plenty of fun activities.  The more popular indoor sports in Finland include, badminton, swimming, squash, tennis, and salibandy (floor hockey).  I also notice that many people are out skating on the numerous ice rinks around town ( look around your vicinity you will find one cool place to my things happen) People are also out Nordic walking (walking with ski poles) and of course the very popular cross-country skiing.  Just because it is cold and snowy outside doesn’t mean Finns store their bikes for the winter.  They just throw on spiked tires and go about their daily routines on two wheels.  So, keep active and you will feel energetic even during the darkest of days.

I have noticed most foreigners don’t do sport but start it today and your life will never remain the same again.

2. Stay social

Just because it is -10 Celsius outside and dark, doesn’t mean you should shutdown or hibernate for the whole winter period.  It is important to get out and keep active in your social groups and clubs and if you do this often you will notice winter will pass-by quicker.

3. Enjoy the outdoors

The days may be shorter, but that doesn’t mean you cannot get out and enjoy them. Take a walk in the nature, run or cross-country ski and your life will never remain the same again 🙂

4. Shift your schedule

During the winter, try to shift your schedule to doing your work earlier and perhaps later in the day.  Take a few hours in the middle of the day when it is lightest to do your chores, personal stuff, exercise, etc.

5. Indoor sunlamp therapy

sun-lamp-for-light-therapyThis might sound silly, but it actually works because in Finland they sell these special sun lamps which are like a giant light bulb that simulates the sunlight in your room.  You can adjust the light to your needs and monitor how long they are one, etc. thou you might feel you are in summer while indoor but you can always regulate it.

6. Drink Coffee

Coffee gets you moving on cold, dark winter mornings. It provides strength to last the day, and some people even say it helps them get to sleep and likewise you can benefit from that…  believe it or not. Statistics show that coffee consumption per capita in Finland was 11.92 kilograms (in 2009), approximately 3.8 cups of coffee a day (compare to 4.09 kilograms per person in the USA, or 7.35 kilograms in Sweden).

I personally have started to ask for coffee unconsciously every where I go and I do make it myself also… Take coffee during winter it help also

Finally is the most important I have kept to the last in list is

7. Finnish Sauna

There are different sauna across the world but Finnish sauna is one of the one which is most talked about in the world. I will share my experience with you, back then in 2013, September to be precise, I visited my sponsor back then in Valkeakoski and I happen to experience the Finnish Sauna, guess what happened… After 5 minute in there Usain Bolt could not be faster than me at all 🙂 . What am I driving at.. If you take a Finnish Sauna once or twice a week I bet you.. You will feel summer inside out. hence don’t play with Finnish Sauna.

I hope you find this article helpful and If you have additional tips to surviving Finnish winter please do comment down below or drop a comment on the Facebook twitter link that landed you here

Remember winter is here so keep calm and enjoy it!


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