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Ten Things You Need To Avoid Saying To Your Coworkers

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We are always trapped by being a friend with your coworker but the fact is being a friend with your colleagues is good but how sure are you they will always keep your secrets? if  you share with them. Confiding is good but be careful!  especially when at work.

1. Hating your job is not unusual, but telling your co-workers about it isn’t in your favour. Keep that information to your self.

2. You might not like your manager, but telling your co-workers can get you into a lot of trouble, what if they spill the beans?

3. Looking for a better job isn’t a bad thing but telling your coworkers that that’s what you’re doing can work against you. So don’t!

4. Sometimes, your personal financial situation might be very good, don’t tell your co-workers about it to avoid envy. Envy can lead to some very bad situations.

5. If you’re overqualified for your job, don’t say a word about it to your colleagues, this could make them feel inadequate and that could ruin your work relationship.

6. Keep quiet about your career goals, telling your coworkers about your long term plans can make them unhappy about their lack thereof.

7. In-office dating shouldn’t be kept a secret from the manager. Tell your manager before someone else does! And if you are planning to date a coworker, keep quiet about it until the relationship is solid.

8. Don’t tell your coworkers about headhunters calling you all the time, this might make them jealous and cause disruption in your team.

9. Don’t talk about breaking the rules for work with your coworkers, that would be very dangerous if it got out to the wrong person.

10. Don’t tell coworkers about transferring to another department, they might go and spill to the manager and cause a rift in your relationship, or even get you fired.

A healthy work environment makes for better progress and more work done. A good relationship with your co-workers also helps to keep you in the loop.

When your environment is bad, then your co-workers will be tight lipped with important information.

When things go wrong at your workplace they won’t be able to communicate with you.

Inspired by Liz Ryan is CEO/founderofHuman Workplace and author of Reinvention Roadmap

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